LCDC - Aspen Tree Nursery

Eadha is assisting Lochcarron Community Development Company - LCDC  set up a native aspen tree nursery at their community hub to propagate and grow new stock for planting in their Kirkton Community Forest.  The group are developing a woodfuel business at the forest and also wanting to diversify the species mix.  Eadha has researched and supplied the group with records of wild clones in the Lochcarron area which will be targeted by the group for the taking of cuttings for propagation to create a local clone bank.  The group will supply Eadha with samples of each new clone for propagation to be maintained in its nursery as part of the national clone collection.  Eadha has also supplied LCDC with saplings propagated from 5 clones from the North West Highlands as an initial stock for growing on as stock trees in their nursery. 


In January 2016, Eadha delivered a workshop to LCDC.  This comprised a presentation on the natural history, propagation and silviculture of aspen, followed by a demonstration of taking root cuttings from the sample stock trees supplied.  The group then took a trip to the local Attadale Estate where Eadha demonstrated how how to take root cuttings from wild stands.


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