North Ayrshire Crematorium Woodland Project

This project is supported by Horizon Cremation and will be delivered within the grounds of their new facility near Largs in North Ayrshire.

Project Objectives:

To enhance the grounds of the crematorium by tree planting to create a stunning landscape of high biodiversity value providing a refuge for rare native species including species on the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UKBAP). 

The site will act as a demonstration of ecological regeneration which could be applied to the surrounding countryside.  The maturing scrub and woodland will create an oasis of beauty, tranquillity and life.  Interpretation will be created for visitors, and the folklore of native trees will be told.  The tree seasonal changes in the vegetation cover will demonstrate the cycles of life and death underpinned by interpretation and presenting information about tree folkore.

The plan is to plant in excess of 3000 native trees and shrubs over 2-3 years. The species list is as follows:

  • Aspen (rare)
  • Arran Whitebeam (UKBAP)
  • Cut Leaved Whitebeam (UKBAP)
  • Bay willow
  • Tea leaved willow (Locally rare)
  • Eared willow (Locally rare)
  • Dark Leaved willow (Locally rare)
  • Woolly willow (UKBAP)
  • Downy Willow (UKBAP)
  • Bog birch (rare)
  • Dwarf birch (rare)
  • Downy Birch
  • Bog Myrtle (Locally rare)
  • Blaeberry
  • Juniper (UKBAP)
  • Scots Pine
  • Sessile Oak
  • Hazel
  • Rowan
  • Elder
  • Alder
  • Holly
  • Elm
  • Wild Rose

Largs and Millport Feb 2019 Crematorium

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