Groatholm Riparian Woodland Project

The Groatholm Riparian Woodland project formed a sub-project of our Growing for Garnock Project.  This project saw the planting of 1600 native trees including Eadha's own grown aspen trees, along a newly fenced riparian strip which provided a 2.5 hectare enclosure along the east bank of the River Garnock, north of Kilwinning.

Riparian woodland is very important for healthy aquatic ecosystems. The trees stablise the banks preventing erosion and siltation of river, provide dappled shade to help cool water and host invertebrate life which falls into the river to provide food for fish and other river creature.  More information on the benefits of trees to rivers can be found here.

Public access was facilitated with the installation of a gate and stile.

The trees were planted by volunteers and will be managed by Eadha and the landowner.  We are thankful of the support of the landowner to help make this project a reality.