Eadha Enterprises

Eadha Enterprises operates as a social enterprise. We maintain a native tree nursery specializing in aspen and other rare species.  We are leading experts in aspen conservation and developing aspen woodlands.  We provide consultancy services in woodland creation and management and provide support to local communities to deliver woodland projects.

We apply nature-based solutions in our projects to address environmental issues and to maximize sustainability and long term benefits.

Our vision is:

“for a thriving Scotland with a rich natural environment with degraded lands restored to vibrant native forests providing not only a home to a rich biodiversity but also providing a range of materials and services to local communities, who sustainably and equitably manage these resources for their present and future needs.”

What We Do

Learn more about Eadha and our objectives.

Find out more about the wide range of projects that we are involved with across Scotland.

More information about aspen and the National Clone Collection.

Eadha are keen to here from potential partners, volunteers and supporters.

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