Nominate Aspen as Scotland’s National Tree!

24 February 2013

The Scottish Parliament is considering a petition which asks for the Scots Pine to be made the official National Tree of Scotland as a legacy for the Year of Natural Scotland.  However the Woodland Trust have decided to give the public the opportunity to vote for the tree they think best represents the nation.

Of course Eadha Enterprises is promoting Aspen as the best candidate for the job because:

Aspen is a rare and enigmatic species and a very beautiful tree.  It is symbolic of Scotland’s recent cultural renaissance.  There has been a recent upsurge in interest in aspen after years of neglect and it is now recognised as a keystone species with many important uses.  Aspen wood was used to make the shields of clansmen not only because it is a strong timber but also because it was thought to be imbued with protective properties.  Perhaps aspen could be adopted as the “Guardian Tree of Scotland”.

If our campaign is successful, this will deliver a major boost for aspen and help protect the species for future generations.  Please click here to register your vote by no later than Friday 22 March.

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