Aspen Grove Planted by Lochwinnoch Primary Eco-Committee

1 March 2014

The 22 children in Lochwinnoch Primary school’s Eco-Warriors pupil council have helped Eadha Enterprises create a fantastic and unique outdoor education resource in the beautiful countryside to be found a short walk from the school.  

A total of 90 aspen trees were planted in 3 concentric rings by the hard working warriors. Not only testing their physical stamina in the rain, but their mental skills, with the setting out of positions requiring some circle geometry.

Wildlfower bulbs including Snake’s Head Fritillary, Snowdrops, Bluebells, Wild Daffodils, Wild Tulips and Wood Anemone, were planted in a spiral within the inner ring.  Wild Strawberry was also planted which will provide a tasty treat in the future.

When established, the trees will form a dense stand which will enclose an intimate and sheltered space mimicking the forest environment, where lessons can be conducted.

The design of the grove took inspiration from the sacred groves of ancient times, which were places of sanctuary and worship for the Druids.  They are places to calm the mind, refresh the spirit, and give comfort in times of distress, perfect for extending the learning experience. 

Funding for the project came from the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN).

The children certainly got into the spirit of being eco-warriors by the end painting their faces with mud!

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