Largest Aspen Woodland in Southern Scotland to be created!

14 January 2015

Eadha has been given the go ahead by Community Windpower to establish a new community woodland at Wardlaw Windfarm near Dalry in North Ayrshire.

The 7 hectare scheme has been designed by Eadha to provide multiple benefits for the local community including a recreational resource, wildlife habitat and potential source of future woodfuel. 

We will be planting hardy native pioneer trees including aspen, alder and silver birch which will offer harvesting potential as well as fringe woodland and scrub planting comprising eared willow, gorse, hawthorn, downy birch, hazel, holly and rowan.

A block comprising 4000 local provenance aspen will be planted which will represent the largest native aspen woodland in southern Scotland once established.  This represents a big step forward for our aspen project.

We are engaging with the local community to maximise involvement not only in the creation of this resource but also to explore future management opportunities.

We are actively recruiting volunteers

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