About Us

Eadha Enterprises is a not-for-profit social enterprise with charitable status based in Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, in the West of Scotland. We were established in March 2011 through support from Oxfam’s UK Innovation Fund.

Our organisation has social economic and environmental objectives. Our mission statement is:

We unlock potential through planting trees to regenerate land and communities

Our vision:

To see a thriving Scotland with a rich natural environment with degraded lands restored to vibrant native forests providing not only a home to a rich biodiversity but also providing a range of materials and services to local communities, who sustainably and equitably manage these resources for their present and future needs.


“Eadha” is the old gaelic name for aspen and the letter E is represented by Eadha in the old Ogham Tree Alphabet. Our primary activities are concerned with conserving and propagating rare and threatened native trees including aspen, juniper and montane willows in our hub nursery, as well as establishing a network of local community nurseries to supply local projects. These trees are the pioneers that can begin the process of reforestation and are a poignant symbol of regeneration. Eadha Enterprises will seek to build the capacity of communities through training and education to create new community woodlands and to manage land and forests.

Aspen is our main focus as this tree has the potential to remediate contaminated and acidified soils, stabilising slopes and river banks and generating the right conditions for other tree species. Eadha Enterprises have built up a national collection of aspen clones from across Scotland to conserve genetic integrity.

Aspen is also a potentially useful and productive species. It is a fast grower and can provide a valuable woodfel crop in a short rotation forestry system. We have a number of selected superior clones for this purpose. Aspen woodlands can therefore deliver multiple benefits to people and wildlife.

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