Eadha Enterprises has worked with a number of academic bodies to promote research around aspen. 

We are collaborating with Umea University (Plant Science Centre) in Sweden on some genetics research. Eadha has provided material from a selection of clones from our national collection to the researchers who will run chromatography analyses to investigate any possible differences in leaf chemistry including phenolic glycosides (PGs) and other phenylpropanoid metabolites.  The clone selected were from remote regions of Scotland including the Outer Hebrides.

Aspen leaves in particular demonstrate significant clonal differences as shown by the variation in shape in the above image (Nathaniel Street).

Eadha has also been collaborating with Masters students to undertake research on aspen.  Examples include:

  • Genetic relationship between Clones; Supervisor: Dr Mark Bailey, Glasgow University
  • The Characterstics of Aspen Biochar; Supervisor: Dr Ashleigh Fletcher, Strathclyde University

Other areas that we are looking to develop include:

  • Further genetic research of the national clone collection
  • The use of aspen in phytoremediation including phytostabilisation and in conjunction with thermal remediation
  • Biodiversity of aspen SRF

We would be interested in hearing from any academic institutions and students interested in undertaking collaborative research. Please contact us.

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