Eadha offers a range of opportunities for volunteering on our various projects (see events page) and within our tree nursery.  Training is provided in a range of activities and a tailored training programme can be arranged on request.

"I have been volunteering with Peter for just over a year, mostly on tree planting excursions but also on a couple of community path building and litter clearance projects. I have greatly enjoyed working with Eadha, as it has brought me to some of Southern Scotland's most remote and beautiful natural landscapes which I would otherwise never have been to. It has also provided the opportunity to work with other volunteers from different walks of life, from other local people my own age to those of all ages from different parts of Scotland involved in some fascinating ecological and community initiatives. It has been very eye-opening to get the perspectives of Peter and other volunteers on their own specalisms and experiences, from applying for Scottish government grants to working in American national parks, to forestry and local businesses. All of this has allowed me to develop some practical knowledge of ecology, land use and also government rural policy, as well as being generally excellent work experience and something interesting and different to put on my CV. Planting trees, apart from allowing you to spend time outdoors in the fresh air, and learn more about Scottish fauna and flora, is also surprisingly therapeutic, and good exercise! I would definitely encourage anyone else, whether they are job hunting like me, or retired, or just find themselves with a free day, to come along and plant some aspens."

Please contact us for further information.

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