Accenture Schools Project 2012

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Accenture Schools Project 2012

Oxfam has developed a working relationship with Accenture over the last few years on its UK Poverty Programme in Scotland. The aims of this work are:

  1. To raise awareness of environmental and community issues
  2. To deliver 100 training places for students preparing to leave school which will enhance their long term job prospects
  3. To deliver similar community based training opportunities for approx 15 unemployed young people to enhance their skills for employment or social enterprise
  4. To continue to utilise Accenture staff volunteers to help Oxfam partner organisations to build capacity and develop local social enterprises


During 2012, 100 Renfrewshire school leavers were involved in this programme.  Eadha Enterprises provided input to the school skills development programme through conducting tree planting activities at Muirshiel Visitor Centre.  Eadha also presented an introduction to social enterprise through illustrated talks.


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