Beith Primary School Aspen Grove

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Beith Primary School Aspen Grove

Thanks from funding from the TheTree Council, Eadha created an Aspen Grove within the grounds of Beith Primary School, in North Ayrshire in November 2018. This comprised of three concentric rings each of 30 trees.  to create an enclosed mini-woodland which will serve as an educational resource and outdoor learning space.

As part of the day's events, Eadha delivered a presentation to the school all about the natural history, folklore and conservation of aspen trees.

The grove, which was planted by pupils, comprised of an inner circle of 1.0m high trees to provide a more instant effect and also allowing the inner ring to mature more quickly than the outer rings, giving the trees a head start to avoid being shaded out by the outer rings.  It will also produce a graded effect in terms of the structure of the stand.  Each tree in the inner ring belonged to a different clone supplied from Eadha’s National Aspen Clone Collection.  Each of the trees were labelled with the clone name and this will provide a further learning opportunity.

Eadha also provided an education pack to accompany the grove.  This will comprise of information and activities all relating to key curriculum topics.

It is hoped the grove will become a landmark for the school, located near to one of the main entrances, and be a place for play, quiet contemplation, games and learning.


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