Borders Aspen Project

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Borders Aspen Project

Whitmuir Estate near Selkirk have sponsored Eadha to undertake this project which involves collecting all recorded wild native aspen clones surviving across the Scottish Borders region to create a sub-collection as part of Eadha's National Aspen Clone Collection.  During the winters of 2018/2019 and 2019/2020, Eadha surveyed and collected samples of a total of 22 clones for propagation at its nursery.  These clones supplement the existing 16 Borders clones already within the collection.  Root cuttings were propagated to create a stock of trees which will then be established at Whitmuir in an arboretum which will servce as a clonebank and potential future seed orchard.

Clones were collected from a wide range of locations including high elevation, moorland, lowland and coastal settings.



Cover Harbour

Dye Water



Lees Cleugh

Oxnam Water



Watch Water


Lamberton Beach




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