Bridge of Weir Primary School Aspen Grove

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Bridge of Weir Primary School Aspen Grove

Thanks from funding from the TheTree Council, Eadha created an Aspen Grove within the grounds of Bridge of Weir Primary School in November 2018.  The grove consisted of three concentric rings of aspen trees with larger trees planted within the central ring respresented by selected labelled clones from Eadha's National Aspen Clone Collection. Volunteers from each class at the school were involved in the planting.  Eadha also conducted a presentation all about aspen and it importance in conservation.

The school hopes to conduct a range of educational activities at the grove. Regular visits to the space will give pupils the sense of responsibility to make sure the trees will grow successfully, measuring the pace of growth of the trees (Science and Maths activities such as measuring the growth rate in height and diameter, observing, identifying and researching about tree biology), art activities within the space, outdoor circle time games and activities (part of the Health and Well being curriculum), Numeracy (counting the number of trees for infants), Literacy (personal and functional writing activities linked to the project, trees and this special space in the school grounds).





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