Drummore Primary School Partner Aspen Nursery

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Drummore Primary School Partner Aspen Nursery

Eadha Enterprises was awarded funding from the Glasgow Airport Flightpath Fund to set up three micro aspen tree nurseries with groups in Renfrewshire and Glasgow.

The funding paid for materials including air-pots and compost as well as stock trees from Eadha's collection.  Ten clones were specifically selected for the partner and a classroom poster was also provided.

Drummore Primary is a special needs school for children with moderate learning difficulties.  A group of 10 P5/P6s were selected to undertake the aspen project.  The children learned about the importance of aspen and its conservation in the classroom before going out to the school garden where they learned how to assemble air-pots and to pot up the saplings.

It will be the ongoing responsibility of the group to look after the trees until they leave the school.  During the winter, the group will also learn how to take root cuttings for propagation.  It is hoped that producing a stock of trees will open up the opportunity for tree planting activities in the local community.


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