Grow In Glenburn Partner Aspen Nursery

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Grow In Glenburn Partner Aspen Nursery

Eadha Enterprises was awarded funding from the Glasgow Airport Flightpath Fund to set up three micro aspen tree nurseries with groups in Renfrewshire and Glasgow.

The funding paid for materials including air-pots and compost as well as stock trees from Eadha's collection.  Ten clones were specifically selected for the partner.  Clone certificates, leaflets and posters were also provided.

A short presentation was conducted on the natural history and conservation of aspen before a workshop and demonstration was undertaken on aspen tree propagation using the stock tree method.

The maintenance of the stock trees and propagation of new trees will provide an interesting new communal activity allowing participants to put their horticultural skills to good use and to become more informed about local conservation issues.  Any trees produced will be planted by the group in local projects or brought along to Eadha's planting events offering an enjoyable social outing.


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