Halkshill and Blairpark Woodland Creation Project – Community Consultation

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Halkshill and Blairpark Woodland Creation Project – Community Consultation

Eadha Enterprises has been commissioned by Tilhill Forestry to undertake a public consultation exercise in connection with the proposed Halkshill and Blair Park Woodland Project.

Public drop-in event 9th May 2014, Brisbane Centre

We would like to hear from local groups and individuals in the Largs area who have an interest in the use of the existing woodlands and open ground between Douglas Park and Gogo Glen (see plan below).

We believe this area offers great potential to deliver community benefits and we would like to explore if there is an appetite for greater community involvement in this area’s future development and management.

Specifically we are keen to learn how this area is currently used, what is of particular value and if there is any current management issues.  We would be interested to know how this area could be improved and what additional activities could be promoted.

We would be keen to meet with local groups to present various maps and plans and to have a more detailed discussion.

However individuals with an interest can contact us with ideas and thoughts as well as completing the Halkshill and Blairpark Woodland Project Community Survey.

There is a growing momentum in Scotland towards the creation of Community Woodlands which deliver a wide range of benefits and services to local communities.  A short summary of the Community Woodland movements and what this can offer can be downloaded here.

For further information we suggest visiting the Community Woodland Association website


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