Lang Craigs Woodland Project

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Lang Craigs Woodland Project

Eadha Enterprises is supplying hundreds of native aspen trees including 25 local provenance clones for the Woodland Trust's new woodland at Lang Craigs on the edge of the Kilpatrick Hills near Dumbarton.  The stock provided includes a clone found by Eadha on the site itself.  There is a small stand of aspen growing in the gorge of the Black Burn from which Eadha has harvested root cuttings for propagation.

Named after the rocky outcrop which dominates the skyline, Lang Craigs is home to 600 acres of sheltered glen, rolling hills and rugged moorland. 200,000 native trees (including oak, birch and ash) are being planted over the next few years to create thriving native woodland which will benefit both wildlife and people. Grassy paths through the glen offer spectacular views of the Craigs themselves, the Clyde, Dumbarton Rock, Ben Lomond and the nearby Overtoun Estate.

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