Reilly Road Landfill Woodland Project

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Reilly Road Landfill Woodland Project

Eadha are developing a new native pioneer woodland and scrub on a former landfill site near Bishopton.  The seven hectare site is characterized by an elongated dome which encapsulates the waste mass and this provides panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and towns including the adjacent Royal Ordnance Factory.

The planting has been designed to maximize biodiversity value and provide a technical solution to the landscaping and stabilization of the former landfill.  It will provide screening, and also enhance any future visitor access.  The woodland will comprise 8,000 native trees and shrubs including willow (eared/tea-leaved/osier), aspen, alder, downy birch, hawthorn and gorse.  This will cover an area of nearly three hectares.  We have using natural protection techniques against deer browsing including clump planting, thorny scrub planting and the use of sheep's wool.





Along southern slopes, we will also be designing planting to create a habitat for the threatened Lesser Whitethroat which is listed in the Renfrewshire Biodiversity Action Plan.

We are hoping that this site will become a community resource linking in with the wider Woodland Park proposed for the adjacent Royal Ordnance Factory site.


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