The Loch House Link

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The Loch House Link

Eadha are initiating a project to create a new green link for Lochwinnoch.  We are supervising volunteer work days to bring into management the woodland shelterbelt running along the northern side of the A760 beyond the RSPB centre.  This will open up the opportunity to develop a new safe off-road footpath link from the railway station to the Loch House restaurant and eventually on to the Roadhead Roundabout and the bus stop serving Ayrshire and Glasgow. At present there is only a narrow pavement adjacent to the busy road with encroaching vegetation which presents a hazard to pedestrians.  This is also a deterrent to villagers to walk to these local facilities.




Space travellers?

Pruning back


The Green Team!


13 bags of rubbish - Unlucky for some!


Notification of work days will be posted on our events page.


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