Wardlaw Community Woodland

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Wardlaw Community Woodland

Eadha Enterprises in collaboration with Community Windpower has established a new community woodland at Wardlaw Windfarm near Dalry.

A 7 hectare site comprising a conifer clearfell area has been planted with 10,000 native trees in  a landmark project for the area.

Eadha designed the scheme which not only enhances the landscape and provides new wildlife habitat but also potentially provides a future economic resource for the local community in the form of biomass.

The predominant species are aspen, silver birch and alder which have been laid out in blocks and grown as a short rotation forestry crop.  This includes 4000 aspen grown by Eadha will represents the largest native aspen woodland in southern Scotland!

Fringe areas of rowan, downy birch, eared willow, gorse, hawthorn and holly as well as a hazel coppice were also planted.

Lying at an altitude of 290m above sea level, and being fully exposed to the prevailing southwesterlies, the woodland will act a test bed for upland biomass production and provide a useful comparison of aspen relative to other native species in challenging conditions.

We are keen for this woodland to become a genuine community resource, offering the potential for future community management and sustainable use, including the harvesting of woodfuel.

Eadha undertook extensive engagement work in the local community and wider area and was successful in recruiting a total of 100 volunteers to help with the planting.  We provided training and work experience for students and the local unemployed people.  We would like to thank the following groups and organisations for their involvement:

  • Kilmarnock College
  • Forestry Commission Scotland
  • SRUC
  • North Ayrshire Council (Actilearn Group)
  • East Ayrshire Woodlands
  • Princes Trust
  • RPSB
  • AEA Ricardo


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