Aspen Antics

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First read all a out the aspen tree here, then try to complete the word search below. 



  1. Aspen is the most widespread tree in the northern hemisphere.  Is it common or rare in Scotland?
  2. Aspen is the favourite food of what large aquatic mammal?
  3. Aspen rarely flowers and sets seed.  When it does the flowers and seeds form a clusters called  c_______?
  4. Aspen multiplies by sending up new shoots from its spreading roots.  What is the name of these shoots? S________
  5. The shoots mature to form a stand of genetically identical trees which are called c_________.
  6. The leaves of the aspen quiver in the wind.  This is reflected in its latin name which is Populus t_________.
  7. Aspen trees are home to many rare small plants and animals. What scientific term which means “the variety of life”?Bi__________
  8. Name four things that aspen wood is good for for aspen? 
  9. What is the old gaelic name for aspen? E________
  10. Aspen represents the letter “E” in the Celtic tree alphabet and in O____________ inscriptions used during the Dark Ages.
  11. The biggest organism on Earth is an aspen clone in North America which has 40,000 stems and weighs nearly 6000 tonnes.  What is its name? P________

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