Aspen Groves

A Unique Educational Resource

In ancient times, sacred groves were places of sanctuary and worship for the Druids.  Like a temple or chapel set within the natural world, they were places of spiritual refuge: places to calm the mind, refresh the spirit, and give comfort in times of distress.  Sacred groves are also recorded in the classical world, in the Middle East and all over Asia, in India and China.  For thousands of years sacred groves have existed, and continue to exist.  

The value of outdoor education and in particular the connection with nature are increasingly being recognised in Scotland.  However, often schools and nurseries do not have immediate access to woodland resources nearby.  However, there is much interest to improve school and  nursery grounds as a learning resource and an opportunity for outdoor lessons.

Eadha Enterprises has developed a unique educational resource based on the principle of the grove which can be established in school and nusery grounds, even those with limited open space.  The traditional benefits of groves described above could equally be seen in an educational context.  The grove will provide an intimate and sheltered space where the feeling of enclosure mimics the forest environment without the need to leave the school.  Nature deficit syndrome is increasingly being recognised in this country and contact with nature should be maximised where ever possible.  The grove provides such benefits unlike more traditional outdoor classroom structures.

Eadha can design a bespoke grove to suit specific individual needs however the basic structure is 3 concentric rings of aspen trees supplied from our stock.  Aspen is a beautiful tree and its characteristic quivering and rustling leaves in a breeze contributes to the beauty of an aspen grove and its ability to impart energy even in a small grove.  Aspen also provides a very light shade so even with a sense of enclosure, this is not overbearing.  Wildflowers and edible plants can be planted throughout the grove to enhance the learning experience. 

The grove can perform a wide range of functions restricted only by ones imagination.  It could provide a performance space for music or drama.  I could act as an outdoor classroom for general lessons or specific lessons using aspects of the grove itself, for example environmental education or circle geometry.  The grove will demonstrate woodland ecology and could provoke discussions around their historical traditions or of tree conservation and folklore.  It could provide a place for retreat, quiet contemplation, or play. Eadha can provide tailored educational sessions on any of these subjects.

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