Cell Grown Trees

Aspen (Populus tremula)

20-40cm plugs

These are available as a wide range of clones selected from our National Clone Collection.

Clonal Variation

Aspen clones have retained high levels of genetic variation despite being dependent largely on vegetative reproduction.  Genetic traits are borne out in timing of leaf flush, leaf colour, morphology and growth rates.  Certain clones are therefore more useful for some applications than others.  For example if timber production is important then clones with superior form (stem straightness should be prioritised).  For biomass production, vigour would be more important.  The photo below illustrates the clonal variation apparent in young saplings and how these relate back to the original wild stand.

Unless specified, we will supply a range of clones belonging to a particular provenance.  If there is no specific objectives for the woodland over and above habitat and landscape, then genetic variation should be the priority.  Within this broad mix of trees, the weaker looking specimens should not be mistaken for inferior stock but instead be understood to simply belong to clones of a different genetic makeup to the more robust looking specimens.

We can match match clones to planting sites not only in terms of geographical provenance but also in terms of elevation and other locational factors.

Please contact us for prices and to discuss your requirements.

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