Aspen-Spruce Mixed Silviculture

The commercial forestry industry in this country is still dominated by clear fell monocultures of exotic conifers however this is simply not a sustainable system and has many negative consequences.  However experience on North America and Scandinavia tell us that growing intensively managed mixed stands incorporating aspen with spruce could help mitigate some of these impacts:

  • higher yields
  • improved timber quality
  • more attractive landscapes
  • more socially acceptable
  • more resilient to climate change
  • more resilient to disease, insects and fire
  • benefits to soil quality and stability
  • benefits to biodiversity

For more information you can download our Aspen Spruce mixed Silviculture Report

Eadha is working with Sleat Community Trust who own and manage the 400 Ha. Tormore Community Forest for local economic benefit including the supply of biomass to develop some pilot areas in the forest to demonstrate a mixed sitka spruce and aspen system using local clones collected and propagated by Eadha.  Eadha is also working with the environment group of the trust to establish a Skye Aspen project, to develop the collection of local Skye clones.

Eadha would be interested to hear from potential partners who would consider developing some mixed silviculture trials.  Please contact us

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