Partner Propagator Kits

You can become practically involved in our aspen conservation work by purchasing an Aspen Tree Propagation Kit

Price: £40.00 

You only need a small garden or outside space to propagate your own aspen trees. The Aspen Tree Propagation Kit comes with a 20 litre air-pot, and a 16 litre air-pot tray, both flat-packed. Additional kits are also available to order. Two aspen saplings are provided which require to be grown on for two years to become “stock trees” from which root cuttings can then be taken for propagation. The stock trees are then ready to be planted out, and new saplings selected to be grown on in a continuous cycle. This is a very easy process for anyone including non-gardeners, and it does not require any other equipment other than what is provided, all being undertaken outdoors. The kit comes with Propagation Instructions and Pot Assembly Instructions.

A certificate of provenance printed on parchment paper is also provided detailing the original wild stand or “clone” from which your tree has been propagated. If you wish, you can choose a specific clone from the Partner Propagator Clone List. Perhaps you know the stand or want to select a place which has a special connection or has interesting historical connections.

“Partner Propagators” can produce up to 100 trees each year! So what are you going to do with all these new aspen trees? It’s completely up to you. You can plant them out in your garden (if you have a large one!) or plant them out in a local woodland. You can gift them back to Eadha Enterprises who will plant them in various community woodland projects. You may want to join us on specific public planting events of which you will be notified, and bring along your trees. Keep an eye on our Events page.


This product come with a free membership of the charity, valid for 1 year (worth £10).

Air-pot                                   Air-pot Tray          

Aspen Saplings provided with the propagation kit.  Note the colour contrast which illustrates the variation between different clones

Clone Certificate

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