Community Woodlands

Community Woodland Services

Eadha Enterprises can help communities realise the potential of their local countryside and woodlands by providing a tailored consultancy service covering: 

  • Feasibility Studies and Site Appraisal;
  • Community Consultation;
  • Ecological site survey;
  • Woodland Design;
  • Woodland Establishment and Management;
  • Community Woodfuel Development;
  • Aspen Tree Nursery Workshops


Eadha Enterprises is actively looking for land near communities for new productive community woodlands.  This land may be:

  • Vacant and Derelict land
  • Potentially contaminated land
  • Reclaimed mineral sites or landfills
  • Unproductive or marginal farmland
  • Exposed hill land

The key is identifying land of low value which may have constraints to development or for mainstream agricultural or forestry purposes.


  1. Work to secure sites in partnership with landowners, local communities and other local stakeholders.
  2. Work with local communities to design a productive native woodland system that can deliver the future needs and aspirations of the communities.
  3. Work in partnership with Oxfam to maximise social and economic benefits to communities suffering unemployment and deprivation.
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