Biodiversity Offsetting and Wildlife Mitigation

Eadha Enterprises and Starling Learning in conjunction can advise on and carry out the practical work necessary to create, manage and restore habitats to enhance them for biodiversity. We are able to offer the following services:

1) Woodland planning and planting
This includes the writing of woodland management plans, planting of native
woodlands, supply of trees including local provenance aspen, eared willow and juniper, riparian woodland, scrub woodland, montane woodlands, and woodland enhancement for specific species e.g. Black Grouse.
2) Hedgerow planting
We supply and/or plant of native or more formal hedgerows. These can be enhanced for biodiversity with the planting of a hedgerow native understorey.
3) Ponds and wetlands
Experience includes pond creation for Otters, ponds for waders, amphibians, pond enhancement for Great Crested Newts, pond naturalisation, building of artificial Otter holt, refugia for amphibians and reptiles. We have a supply of native pond plants.
4) Bog restoration
This work includes the use of pile dams to block moor grips, creation of small pools on bogs and sphagnum inoculation.
5) Habitat improvements for birds
This includes:
Ponds & scrapes for waders, nestboxes, agri-environment improvements such as bird cover fields, hedgerows, specific habitat management for many species such as Black Grouse, rafts for breeding wildfowl.
6) Protected mammals
This includes Otter and Water Vole habitat improvement, planting for Badgers & artificial sett construction & badger exclusion, enhancements for bats & red squirrels
7) Other habitat creation/enhancement
We have wide experience of habitat creation and enhancement. This can also involve the planting of Phase 1 or NVC habitats or LBAP habitats. A few examples include wild flower meadows, tall herb meadows, wood pasture, orchards, native wet woods
8) Gardening and landscaping
Experience includes:
wildlife gardening, school garden projects, willow domes & tunnels, construction of raised beds, sensory gardens
9) Production of Habitat Management Plans and Species and Habitat Protection Plans
We have wide experience of writing HMPs for various developments.
10) Ecological Surveys and Consultancy
We have a vast experience of carrying out ecological surveys, this includes Environmental Assessments work for windfarms, golf courses and many other developments. Surveys include:
ornithological surveys, protected species including otter, badger, water vole, reptiles, amphibians and phase 1 and NVC habitat surveys.
11) Land bank
We are building up a land bank of sites across Scotland often comprising derelict or marginal land, which is suitable for restoration to create new community woodlands in partnership with local communities.
12) Working with communities
We have wide experience of working with local communities and a range of organisations including, for example Oxfam, the NHS, RSPB, many schools and adults with learning difficulties.

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